Punjab National Bank is one of the famous and cop-operative government banks in India. PNB is all focused to provide the best-in-class banking services to its customers. The Punjab National Bank customers can open their bank account and enjoy each of its services. 

For instance, someone rarely opts to close their PNB bank account. Nowadays, many banks started operating their bank accounts online. Thus, there is hardly any need of closing any bank account. Still, if one wants to close their PNB bank account.

Then, this article is for all the people who are looking to close their accounts. Let's look into the process below in this article.

Reasons to close PNB Bank Account?

There could be multiple reasons why one wants to close their bank account. We have added some of the common reasons below. Just have a look at it;

  • Lower rate of interest in the savings bank account.
  • The bank's customer service is not satisfactory enough.
  • Maintenance of higher minimum balance.
  • Bad relationships with staff.
  • Multiple bank accounts with the same bank.
  • The bank is not providing services properly.
  • Higher fees and maintenance charges on the account.

These are the reasons behind the PNB account closure. Anyway, let's come to the account closure process also check PNB Bank account balance using net banking before closing account.

How to close Punjab National Bank Account Savings Account?

You must have a savings bank account with the bank. You can follow all the steps that we have added below in this article.

1. Fill up the account closure form

To close the PNB bank account, you need to download the account closure form from the bank website. You can download it directly from this link. Alternatively, you can directly visit the bank to fill-up the form and submit it to the bank.

2. Attach KYC documents

To fulfil your account closure request, you need to attach your KYC documents such as an aadhar card, pan card along account-closure form.

3. Surrender Bank belongings to the bank

You now have to submit all the bank belongings such as debit cards, credit cards, cheque books, passbooks to the bank executive manager. To process your account closure request, just submit it along with other documents to the bank manager.

4. Withdraw money

Withdraw all the available balances before closing your bank account. It is because the left balance is irreversible. You will not be able to get that amount once the account gets closed.

You can withdraw your amount using your debit card, cheque book or any online transfer (If you are using PNB internet banking). Just do it and then complete the PNB account closure process.

Bottom line

We know people must come across this article looking for detailed information on closing a PNB bank account. We even have added all the required data over here. The readers of this article can check it out and follow all the steps given above properly to close the PNB bank account for fursther doubts visit, FinancesRule.

Apart from this, if there is anything else to ask? You can ask us in the comments section.